Manly Apartment - JDA Studio Architects
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Completed 2021


A 1950s, yellow-brick era block of 18 units near East Esplanade on the Harbourside of Manly Beach is home to the ‘Manly apartment’ – a project that has modernized small, retro apartment living into a light, textured and sophisticated space.

Crisp textured rendered walls have been used as a backdrop to refined cabinetry elements. These are designed to be the talking point, crafted and minimal yet hide the daily essentials and storage required for apartment living.

Floating joinery units on legs with brass accents and soft timber veneers work well with the natural stone products such as a custom kitchen sink, bathroom basin and coffee table.

A combination of clever use of space, consideration to budget and modern living, with light tones, balance and texture have been used effectively to transform this 1950s apartment from retro to refined.


Photography by Pablo Veiga / Styling by Holly Irvine