View of new site in New Zealand - JDA Studio Architects
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View of new site in New Zealand

JDA has been commissioned to undertake a concept design to a water front site in Anzac Bay, Ostend, Waiheke Island, Auckland New Zealand.

The design of the floor plan attached in essence it is an open plan pavilion where kitchen, dining and living are programmed to gain tremendous views of the water and surrounding landscape, while setting up visual connections to the north courtyard and bedroom wing.

The northern deck will be sun soaked and will be a key area to throw out those bean bags, kids small bikes and outdoor lounges etc. The house has been designed to be see-through from this zone so that the courtyard receives a view through the house. At this point there is quite a casual entry door into the house which is covered by a cantilevered entry roof canopy.

There is a strong linear path from the main garage which has been designed to screen the house, further emphasising the ‘oasis feeling’ once inside. This linear wall is made from local rock.

Overall the house has a warm-modern feel and as you can see in the images and in the reference material, it is natural and earthy.
The area stands at 225 sqm excluding the garage.